Privacy Policy

On the site of, we adhere to important and basic terms, which are:

Non-Personalized Ads and Personalized Ads / Google Adsense

Dear user / visitor of our site, we use non-personalized ads and personalized ads for the purpose of providing an improved experience and providing external ads from Google, which is considered one of the third parties. Our site and we confirm that we are not responsible for it, and therefore we would also like to inform you about what data is transmitted to us and how to properly process and manage it.

And visitors who reside in the countries of the Middle East and Europe are included in their data while using it and this information is under the clause of user consent in the European Union.

To find out how Google uses the data that is collected on the Internet, you can do that. How Google uses the information of websites or applications that use our services.

Web / Internet browsers

When browsing on our site, there are different web browsers that collect different data about your devices and can be easily controlled so if you want to stop saving your browsing records on the site, you can stop them by going to the browsing history and then completely delete the history data and stop it through the browser’s settings.

Usage Agreement

The usage agreement is an important part of our website and adherence to it is a duty for every visitor to our website, and please read it here. User agreement for the site and this keeps you safe and secure while browsing and navigating the site, and it is never part of the privacy policy on the site and it explains the policies that are used and dealt with On site.

What data we collect on our site

We do not collect any personal information for any party whatsoever and we do not use any information that is not necessary for us and we only collect information about the so-called visitor’s IP to avoid any suspicious activity and to protect our site systems only.

Cookies / Cookies

The service of saving data automatically and giving you an improved experience while browsing the site, therefore data may be collected for the purpose of benefiting our visitors, for example if you access our site and after a day you browse it again some data will be stored: such as the first and last name and e-mail so we provide you With this information so that you have previous knowledge of it, and we only use it for the purposes of the site, no more, so please feel reassured about it and we are keen to protect this data accurately.

To clarify how Google uses these files, you can identify this, please read how Google uses the information of websites or applications that benefit from our services, and in this way you will know how Google uses data and how to process it in order to ensure that you know what data these companies use in terms of data and what is useful when you visit our site.

Read the EU user policy to see what your data is stored please and to ensure that your information is protected on our website.

Our commitment to content

We deal strictly and seriously with the matters that we will explain below, so we very much hope to adhere to our site policy, which can be summarized in:

The digital materials, including images, files, and external and internal materials on the site are fully protected and may not be stolen, copied or disposed of. The structure is protected by the electronic intellectual property rights and the electronic control department, so please do not use it except for the purpose of browsing and interest.
We only have the right to amend any material on the site and include all digital content on the site, and no one has the right to change and amend these materials and you bear full responsibility if you use them so please use our site in accordance with the usage agreement and privacy policy
Important note

Please adhere to the terms and policy of the site to protect your browsing and downloading of our site’s programs safely and peacefully. We appreciate your commitment to these terms and conditions. Please submit any report on broken links to fix them, as well as submit any suggestion, improvement or development of our site for smooth communication with us through the contact form at the top of the site.