Application for supermarket offers in Germany


Shopping and purchasing of goods, foodstuffs, and the needs of individuals and families in Germany is fundamentally different from the method of shopping that was practiced by many Arab refugees and immigrants in some Arab countries before their arrival, migration and asylum to Germany.

Where spread in Germany many famous and well-known stores and their branches in all German cities and towns that the majority of immigrants and refugees visit to buy their needs and the needs of their families in terms of food, vegetables, fruits, all goods and detergents, in addition to their many different household needs, and some daily supplies that a person may need. The person is in his business.

Perhaps the most important feature that distinguishes shopping from these stores from the stores in our Arab countries is that the customer can master all his needs inside those stores and supermarkets and from only one store without having to visit more than one store, as was the case in our country where we find food commodities in a place, vegetables and fruits Elsewhere in the market, and most importantly, the goods offered in German stores are specific and non-negotiable.

But despite this, many of the well-known famous stores (Kaidika, Daddy, Liddell, Cobland, Rifi, etc. are famous stores) periodically, which may be monthly, weekly, or seasonal, or on official occasions and holidays in Germany, such as Christmas and Easter, as these stores and supermarkets often reduce The prices of many commodities and announce this to their customers in advance by printing brochures containing all the goods included in the offer and the discount during the advertised period, which may be a week or a month depending on each store.

There are many commodities that are usually covered by them, such as drinks, meat, foodstuffs, vegetables, fruits, clothes, household electrical tools, garden tools, work supplies and household repairs, school needs of children, games and many others that cannot be counted or counted.

Customers often learn about these offers by visiting the stores themselves or through newspaper attachments that reach them in their mailboxes, or by browsing the social networking sites of those stores via the Internet, or via mobile phone applications in the kauf.da Play Market, which we will talk about.

On this download link, which we attach to you, so that you can download the application for free, visit the application, and browse all the offers of stores and restaurants near you.

After users download this application, the user determines his location so that the application can choose nearby stores, and then choose the user’s favorite store and browse the offers advertised in those stores and move between them and compare them with each other.

The application also features that it automatically sends notifications to users of the best offers available and announced during the week, and the application also provides in addition to store offers, offers from famous restaurants such as McDonald’s and home furniture stores such as the famous X-store chain in Germany.

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