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Why practice German and Dutch listening skills?

German and Dutch is a language with consistent pronunciation and spelling, so you will find that the more you listen, the more you can exercise. And for any level of language, podcasts have come out on the scene. Podcast for learning German and Dutch Spotify

The easiest way to do this is with the Learn germanpodcast app

The easy German and Dutch podcast Spotify is a great way to add a little German and Dutch listening practice into your everyday life. It’s free, and it can accompany any part of your day: driving, washing dishes, doing laundry, exercising, reading, and more.

A quick primer: How to learn to make germanpodcast work?
If you’re interested in podcasts, but aren’t entirely sure how they work, here’s what you need to know:

You can subscribe to podcasts for free on your phone, tablet or computer.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, then go to the Podcasts app. If you are using a Mac, use the iTunes directory.

On a PC or Android device, try the Pocketcasts app for a quick and easy start.

Subscribing means you’ll always have the latest episode ready and waiting as soon as it’s published. Learn German Spotify
German and Dutch are a great language to learn through podcasts. There’s a huge selection, so I went and picked 9 of the best deals for you to discover.

Listen to the presentation fluently
In addition to the Learn germanpodcast app you’ll find in this article, check out my podcast The Fluent Show where we share languages, learning methods, and how to live a multilingual life.

As a German learner, you’ll love this latest bilingual episode in both German and English with polyglot Judith Mayer. Learn German Spotify

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